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"Distribution and Technical Support reach a new level.

ATTIVA: Agility and Innovation in the supply of Automation

and Imaging Components to build Vision Systems."

ATTIVA Automation is a company specialized in the supply of components for the construction/integration of Vision Systems, such as cameras, smart cameras, vision sensors, and intelligent appliances; lenses; illuminators; strobe lamps; frame grabbers; cables and connectors; accessories, software, industrial computers, automation items, among others. For this, we equip ourselves with:


  • Experienced technical team;

  • Service agility and immediate quotes;

  • Competitive prices;

  • Comprehensive technical support before, during and after purchase;

  • Punctuality in the delivery of products and services sold;

  • Sales by "Direct Customer Import" or "Reais" in Brazil;

  • Accepted International Payment Mode - T / T, PayPal and Credit Card.


​Our business philosophy and main objective are to understand and meet the needs of our customers, seeking to optimize the technical value added in the solutions and services offered, thus guaranteeing an attractive cost-benefit ratio and security in decision making.


In order to live up to our business philosophy, we associate ourselves with the best and most renowned companies in the industry, seeking, incessantly, what is the most advanced in Vision and Image Processing products, making us a "One Stop Shop" in this area.


Our products and services are provided to OEMs, Systems Integrators, and End Users in the following segments:


  • Industry - Quality Control/Assurance - Production Lines/Laboratories;

  • Science and Education - Universities, Colleges, R&D Laboratories;

  • Medicine - Diagnostic Imaging, X-Ray;

  • ITS - Traffic Monitoring Systems;

  • Surveillance/Security;

  • Sports & Entertainment.

In your next purchases of components for the construction/integration of Vision Systems, be sure to consult ATTIVA Automation. We will be delighted to serve you, offering everything you may need for your new projects or innovation in existing systems.

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