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Teledyne Dalsa
Area Scan Cameras
Genie Nano - 1GigE
Genie Nano is designed to use a range of leading CMOS image sensors, including models from Sony's Pregius and ON Semiconductor's Python lines. With resolutions from VGA to 25 megapixels, the Nano delivers high speed, low noise, and global shutters.
Genie Nano - 5GigE
Engineered for imaging applications that require high-speed data transfer, the all new Genie Nano 5GigE is an easy replacement for gigabit ethernet cameras built into current vision systems that rely on the existing GigE Vision interface standard. The new Genie Nano 5GigE models feature the brand new 5Gbps (5GBASE-T) link speed.
Genie Nano - CL
Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Better. CMOS 5MP to 25MP with proven Camera Link interface for high frame rates.
Genie Nano - CXP
From 16 to 67 megapixel resolution with proven CoaXPress 6Gbps technology for breakthrough speed.
Falcon4 - CLHS
CLHS cameras from 11MP to 86MP and 16 fps to 609 fps. True high-performance.
Lumenera LT Series
USB3 cameras from 1.7MP to 20MP. Compact, lightweight, and designed to meet the challenges of modern vision systems.
Lumenera LT Series Board level
USB3 board level cameras from 1.7MP to 12MP.  Designed for today’s embedded vision systems.
Line Scan Cameras
Linea line scan cameras offer innovative mono and color performance at attractive prices. Resolutions from 2k to 16k, line rates to 71 kHz. GigE, Camera Link, and CLHS interface options.
Linea ML
Leading edge multi-line CMOS technology delivers superb color plus near-infrared (NIR) fidelity for even the most demanding applications. 8k and 16k at 300 kHz, CLHS interface with fiber options.
High speed with innovative color and multispectral NIR options. Up to 8k, 70 kHz.
Piranha4 Multispectral
Industry leading speeds to meet future requirements of higher throughput in multi-spectral imaging applications.
Multi-line CMOS technology, providing high line rates and combining high response with extremely low noise levels.
Cost effective CMOS line scan camera with colour and monochrome models.
Linea SWIR
1024 pixel GigE SWIR line scan camera features a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor in a compact package for a wide variety of machine vision applications.
Linea Lite
Compact and remarkably cost effective, Linea Lite makes line scan more accessible than ever. Designed with performance in mind. 2k resolution up to 50 kHz and 4k resolution up to 25 kHz.
TDI Line Scan Cameras
Linea HS
Absolute speed and performance. Charge domain CMOS TDI with 8k, 16k, or 32k resolution and line rates up to 400 kHz. CLHS interface with fiber options and unique multifield capabilities.
Piranha XL
Piranha XL line scan cameras bring new levels of sensitivity, speed, and low noise together through voltage-domain CMOS TDI. Color models too! 16k resolution up to 125 kHz line rate
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