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Tamron machine vision lenses provide outstanding quality at an excellent price.  Tamron vari-focal lenses are offered in 1/2" format C-Mount models, as well as 1/3" format CS-Mount - with IR corrected and megapixel rated as features.  Tamron has also recently released a line of megapixel rated P-Iris type lenses - designed for cameras with P-Iris feature.
Schneider Optics

Schneider Optics offers superior quality, high resolution C-mount and F-Mount lenses with robust mechanical construction for critical industrial and scientific applications. Most Schneider lenses have been designed with color correction and broadband coating to work well over the entire visible light range from 400-1000nm - and are available in 2/3" format, 1" format, and larger to cover large megapixel camera sensors.


When your application requires perfect vision, you know where to turn. For more than 40 years, Computar® has set the standard in optics for innovation and quality across industries including intelligent traffic systems, machine vision, defense, security, and life sciences.

Fujinon, Inc. (FUJIFILM Corporation) offers a wide range of superior quality yet economically priced machine vision lenses - including 1.1" format 23 megapixel rated, 2/3" format 12 megapixel rated, and a newly designed 2/3" format 5 megapixel rated series - all compact in size and designed for  current 2/3" size sensors.
Azure Lenses
AZURE Photonics Co., Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of lenses and optical components for machine vision, Traffic/ITS, and general imaging application. 
Products include a variety 1" format fixed focal length lenses with specialized models for demanding low-light applications, machine vision, and long-distance requirements.  There is also a full family of 2/3" format lenses rated at 10 MP, 5 MP, 3 MP and 2MP - all economically priced.

Other products include 1/2" fixed focal and vari-focal type, 4/3" format C-Mount, telecentric type, specialty type SWIR, UV lenses, 3-CCD/3-CMOS, large format industrial F-Mount type, and M12 (S-Mount) type. 

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